Jun 072013
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Use Sermon Notes

As many of you know, we have posted life group discussion material on this blog for several years now. Since this same material is also available in our sermon notes, we have decided to streamline our processing of Sunday sermons by directing you to use  the sermon notes for life group discussion material from now on. You can read the sermon notes and discussion material (as well as listen to the sermons) at the following link:

Sunday Life Page (Life Church sermons)

Not all life groups will choose to use this material, but it's there if you need it.

Communion Sundays

Please remember that we generally do not produce new discussion material on Communion Sundays. Our Communion Sundays are devoted to prayer, or testimonies, or questions and answers, on a rotating basis. Due to the personal nature of the prayer requests, testimonies, or questions, we normally do not include them in our podcast or broadcast.

For this reason, for the week following a communion Sunday, feel free to reuse discussion material from a previous sermon.