Gayle Baxter,
Marriage Ministry, Discipleship

Gayle Baxter (née Thomas) was born on October 23, 1958 to George and Louise Thomas of Roxbury, Mass. She attended Boston Public grammar and middle schools and graduated from Boston Technical High in 1975. In 1978 She pursued a degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Biology at Boston State College. Her strong desire to promote the physical and emotional healing of others led her to work in healthcare environments as a nursing assistant and mental health counselor, and ultimately to pursue a degree in Nursing at Laboure College.

Realizing that she wanted to specialize in Psychiatric Nursing, Gayle sought employment at Massachusetts Mental Health Center which (a Harvard-teaching hospital). In this setting that she was mentored by experienced mental health practitioners who provided a foundation for her to practice as a psychiatric nurse in both inpatient and outpatient settings (including community nursing).

Gayle has been happily married to William A. Baxter since 1990 and they enjoy growing together in Christ. She aggressively pursues opportunities to grow spiritually in Christ and maintains a healthy lifestyle via gym workouts, aerobic fitness, swimming, skiing, and good nutrition. Her fun pursuits include watching action, adventure, and Sci-fi movies, bowling, and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. She is eager to see how God will use the gifts He has given her to serve His people for the building of His Kingdom.

Gayle began following Christ in 1994 at Holy Tabernacle Church. She then attended New Covenant Christian Church (now Jubilee Christian Church) and found that Christ centered groups helped her to grow spiritually. She and her husband William joined Life Church in 2006 and she currently serves as a co-leader of a life group, a pre-marital counselor, and a member of the Life Church Leadership Team. She and her husband William currently lead the Life Church Marriage Ministry.