We created this Dating page to help guide our members and friends who are currently unmarried and looking for romantic companionship.

Before You Start Dating

We have some resources that we recommend for people interested in dating. These should be useful no matter what stage your relationship is at, but we suggest you check them out before you start dating! You should also plan to do your dating out in the open. Don’t date in isolation!


While You’re Dating

If you’re already dating, we hope you’ve checked out the materials from the “Before You Start Dating” section above. We also hope that you’re dating in an accountable way. In other words, make plans to let both your natural family and your church family get to know the people you date. We also recommend the following resources:


If You’re Engaged

We recommend the following materials for engaged couples:


Here is a general list of our resources on dating. I maintain this list as a set of bookmarks in Delicious.com and you can also view them by clicking here.



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