Feb 092014
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On Sunday April 28, 2013 we had a chance to hear from Byron Johnson, a long-time friend and mentor to our brother Carl Miller. Byron described a ministry he recently launched to support African-americans who want to get involved in missions work.

The ministry is called Vision 938 and you can learn more about it from the web site:

Vision 938

Please check out this ministry and consider becoming a supporter!

Aug 142010
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Congratulations to Parkside Christian Academy, which has been named a “Top School” for the state of Massachusetts in the 2009 Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY)Talent Search.   CTY Talent Searches identify, assess, and recognize students with exceptional mathematical and/or verbal reasoning abilities.  They looked at the top 100 schools by state to determine the number of student enrollments they received into their annual Talent Search, and Parkside was recognized for this honor.   The honor signifies that Parkside has a solid core of very high achieving students.

Congratulations Parkside students, parents and staff!!

For more information about the CTY program and the honorees, please go to www.cty.jhu.edu/ts/topschools/MAtop.html.

Apr 262010
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"The Cat and the Toaster"

January 25, 2010: Emmanuel Gospel Center (EGC) is announcing the release of EGC President Doug Hall's long-awaited book!

The Cat and the Toaster: Living System Ministry in a Technological Age is now available! Learn what EGC has been learning about urban ministry. Order the book and check out the new Living System Ministry website.