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Last Updated on November 8, 2011 by pastor.rocklyn

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Jesus commands us to make disciples. We will use this page to help you obey this great commandment. One of our goals is that you will be able to make disciples naturally, in your natural context, without feeling like you need a powerpoint presentation, spiral bound syllabus, or a 3 ring binder full of notes in order to do so!

The Three Phases of Discipleship

At Life Church we use a three-phase approach to discipleship:

  • Phase 1 – Develop godly habits.
  • Phase 2 – Turn godly habits into skills.
  • Phase 3 – Turn godly habits and skills into ministries.

Phase 1 – Develop Godly Habits

Coming soon!

Phase 2 – Turn Godly Habits Into Skills

Coming soon!

Phase 3 - Turn Godly Habits and Skills Into Ministries

Coming soon!

God Wants To Help You – And So Do We!

Coming soon!

Leadership Team Outreach Kit

Here are the links to the outreach kit that we have distributed to the members of the Leadership Team. We maintain this list as a set of bookmarks in

Additional Resources

Here are some links to a number of resources that may be of interest to you. We maintain this list as a set of bookmarks in


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