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The Emmanuel Gospel Center (EGC) is a faith-based, non-denominational, Christian organization that seeks to identify and nurture the systems that empower the effective ministry of urban churches in their communities. They engage in applied research to help us understand the city as it constantly changes. And we offer consulting and programs designed to help churches grow stronger and serve people better. Founded in 1938, the Center is located in Boston’s South End.

I became a member of the EGC Board of Directors in June 2004 and attended my first board meeting on September 21, 2004. I am honored to be involved with EGC and I am very excited about what God is doing through them. Here are some of my key EGC-related interestes:

  • I am currently the chair of the EGC Board. I was elected to this position in June 2007, having served as vice-chair of the board since June 2005.
  • I represent the EGC Board on the Oversight Committee of the Boston Capacity Tank.
  • Living System Ministry
  • Youth Violence System Project (YVSP) – In April 2007, the Oversight Committee of the Boston Capacity Tank listened to a presentation on the increase in youth violence in Boston. During the ensuing discussion, I suggested that the Tank should take a systems approach to understanding this problem and that EGC’s expertise in this area (systems thinking) made them the appropriate Tank member to undertake the analysis. This led to the creation of the “Youth Safety Community Mapping Project” which eventually became the Youth Violence Systems Project.


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