Jun 192015

N. T. Wright, the former Bishop of Durham for the Church of England, is a devoted pastor, a renowned biblical scholar, and a prolific author. Over the past year or so the following books of his have given me a much better understanding of God’s Kingdom and of The Gospel.

You can order them here (as an Amazon.com Associate Life Church receives a portion of the purchase price):

There is more material related to Professor Wright available here:

Pastor Rocklyn’s N. T. Wright Page

N. T. Wright’s books and video clips have been a great blessing to me over the past few years and I believe that they will be a blessing to you as well!

Dec 082012

What Does “The Gospel” Really Mean?

Frank Viola has recently written several blog posts promoting a fresh understanding of the gospel:

I have generally found Frank’s material to be very helpful as we pursue the vision that God has given us at Life Church, and the posts above are no exception. Please take the time to read them (preferably in the order in which they appear above).

More About Frank Viola

Frank Viola is an author and blogger. You can explore his ministry more fully at his web site: FrankViola.org.