Mar 192014
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N. T. Wright, the former Bishop of Durham for the Church of England, is a devoted pastor, a renowned biblical scholar, and a prolific author. I have been blessed by several of his Wright’s books and video clips over the past few years.

On Friday November 13, 2013 Professor Wright came to Harvard Divinity School. In the early afternoon he participated in a panel discussion of his latest book (note – this is an affiliate link):

Paul and the Faithfulness of God: N. T. Wright: Books

You can see the video here:

Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Full Video) – YouTube

In the evening he participated in the Veritas Forum discussion:

The Bible: Gospel, Guide, or Garbage?

You can see the video from that discussion here:

 Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Video) | Harvard Divinity School

There is more material related to Professor Wright available here:

Pastor Rocklyn’s N. T. Wright Page